Licensing Process

What is the timeline for Susitna-Watana Hydro?

The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) is in the preliminary stages of a multi-year licensing process. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the lead federal agency for licensing of Susitna-Watana Hydro. AEA will also seek a Clean Water Act permit from the U.S. Corps of Engineers for project construction.

Beginning in 2013 more than 58 individual environmental studies will be conducted, in addition to nearly twenty studies in 2012. The goal is to obtain a FERC license and Corps permit, at which time construction could begin. Under this schedule, Susitna-Watana Hydro is expected to begin full energy production in 2028.

What is the process for obtaining a license to build Susitna-Watana Hydro?

The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) is seeking a license to build Susitna-Watana Hydro under the Federal Regulatory Agency Commission’s (FERC) Integrated Licensing Process (ILP). It will take approximately six years to complete the pre-licensing applications, studies, environmental impact statement and application processes before a license can be issued.

Throughout the ILP, other federal, state and local agencies, as well as other interested stakeholders and the public at large have the opportunity to weigh in on the proposed project.